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Online and Addtional Member Support:

Membership fees start from as little as £990 (plus VAT) per annum, per organisation.

Used well, our membership service has no real cost and can save money for our clients – how?
Single point member resources

Experience tells us that our clients encounter significant difficulty in obtaining a quick and reliable source for information, whether legal, procedural or tactical. Simple solutions are often overlooked as they are simply not identified. 

Regulatory legislation changes regularly and with a dizzying array of alterations and amendments, often to the primary Acts themselves. Other sites tend to support only certain specific professional disciplines, such as planning, licensing or environmental health. 

Our member site contains a wide variety of resources and takes a holistic approach to the local environment. Our resources are solutions based and therefore cover all aspects of legislation and tactics, regardless of their historical divisions. We also provide direct links to other useful sites and information banks. 

To take forward that holistic approach, our members can expect access to all of the following:
  • case file guides and precedents
  • online direct question support
  • case library
  • legislation guides
  • procedural and tactical guides
  • news updates and tips
  • precedent notices
  • offence guides
  • resource links
  • discounted training and trouble-shooting resources
Most importantly, our members are not restricted to a passive resource, but also have direct access to interactive advice and network peer to peer communication.

Below are examples of comments from members;

"David, hope you don't mind feedback; Thanks to your advice on dealing with issues around flats and their waste the situation has really improved – the owners are presenting the bins as per the CPW, and the occupiers are using them correctly as per the s46, so thank you."

Environmental Crime, Croydon.

"Many thanks for the help and advice. Yesterday we commenced action, based around your advice and it appears that the matter will be promptly resolved. Thanks for your help, I find it absolutely invaluable."

Community Safety, Dartford.